Смотрим Monster High™ video game - OFFICIAL TRAILER

29 марта 2013 1033 00:48
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Факты и интересное здесь HIGH™ GHOUL SPIRIT™ VIDEO GAME OFFICIAL TRAILERCheck out this creeperific trailer for a special in-game code that unlocks a fangtastic remix of the "Fright Song".Are you ready to be the new ghoul in school? Well, now you can in Monster High™ Ghoul Spirit™ The Video Game, where you'll create a ghoul version of yourself, begin your dead-ucation and embrace your own freaky flaws. Become BFFs with your Monster High™ classmates, perform scaretastic assignments and achieve a monstrous reputation to become Scream Queen of Monster High™. Available now on Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi. Увлекательный мир фактов
naomi # 29 марта 2013 в 18:12 0
i'm gonna get this game and the monster high? skultimate roller maze game on wii to watch the trailer it EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mrdrgerm # 29 марта 2013 в 23:56 0
Is this game any fun? :o I'm a pretty casual? gamer, I like Pokemon and Harvest Moon and stuff, you think I'd like this? I *am* a MH fan, too...
bumbum12 # 30 марта 2013 в 01:18 0
wow i have that game thanks ya i? lie this
animallo # 30 марта 2013 в 03:12 0
Want one so bad But my parents wouldnt let me :/ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they think it scares me..... :p i've seen scarier? stuff. and not be scared
actorben # 30 марта 2013 в 15:00 0
No? wonder THQ's sales are falling!
wtfigote # 30 марта 2013 в 17:55 0
12unifle # 30 марта 2013 в 18:43 0
thq are? you serious?
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