Смотрим Marriage Proposal in Science Class Монсторхай анальныйоргазм смотреть монсторхай

9 марта 2013 828 01:29
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Факты и интересное здесь (At Leman Manhattan Prep school)The Procedure:1. Buy ring without her knowing.2. Pick out 5 sixth graders that you trust (easier than it sounds).3. Ask each of their parents if they would be involved in a proposal and be able to stay after school for rehearsals. 4. Print "Wanna Get Married" small enough that it can be seen in a microscope. 5. Train and rehearse with students/remind them many times to come into school 15min early the big day (script: students are pretending to do an experiment with microscopes. When she walks in, the student with the special microscope gets excited and tells everyone to come see what's in his. Then I look and tell Lily she has to look. While she's adjusting the scope the students go pick up the poster).6. Talk to the art teacher about it a lot so he offers to make a poster. 7. Book an upstate Bed and Breakfast for 1/31 and tell Lily that we have one booked for Valentine's Day. Forward Lily a doctored email (with the date changed). 8. Ask Lily's parents to borrow their car for the day to drive upstate after the proposal. 9. Thank Science that my soon-to-be in-laws are very generous and not only lent me the car, but gave up a morning to let me test drive it AND offered to sneak into our apartment, after Lily leaves the morning of, to pack her stuff. 10. Sneak a copy of the apartment keys to Doris (Lily's mom) at a dinner.11. Tell Lily that the day of I am getting observed by the principal and show her what materials I need for the lesson. 12. Tell Lily that the morning of the day I'm getting observed, the school is filming ("for the website") students in my classroom doing an experiment.13. Tell Lily I'm going to a school event the night before and go pick up ring at friend's place.14. Leave the lesson materials at home the morning of (in a very conspicuous spot).15. Call her to beg her to bring them to school (turns out she called me and offered to bring them).16. Do it.17. Go back to apartment where Doris is waiting with her packed bag. 18. Drive to B&B upstate with very large, giddy smiles. Познавательные ролики

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